Lyndhurst apartments

with a Fitness Center

Struggling with meeting your daily fitness goals because you’re already stretched so thin it seems impossible to carve out time in your busy schedule to make the trek to the gym? It happens to us all. Between long work hours, raising families, and the myriad errands we need to somehow manage to fit into those rare free timeslots, it can be difficult. But there’s one easy solution that gives you a much better chance of having it all: Get yourself a Lyndhurst apartment with a fitness center.

When you never have to leave the comforts of your home community in order to get your workout, life suddenly becomes so much easier. You no longer have to figure out how to fit a workout and the commute to and from the gym in order to meet your goals. Instead, just take a quick stroll down the hall and you’re ready to go.

Cardio Fitness Equipment

That being said, we’re curious: What is it that you most look for when you work out? Whatever it may be, we have you covered. If cardio is your go-to, the ellipticals and treadmills will get your heart pumping in no time. But if you’d rather focus on building muscle mass, there are a number of options at our fitness center, including free weights, weightlifting machines, and even medicine balls.

Studio-Like Fitness Space

And, if yoga or pilates are what really get you going, there’s plenty of floor space for you to roll out your mat and get to work. Our fitness center even provides stability balls you can use during these workouts to really help you stretch out.

When you start your day in one of our Lyndhurst apartments with a fitness center, staying on track is as easy as it gets. At The Station at Lyndhurst, we’re all about making your life easier through all of our amenities. So, why don’t you come by and take a look for yourself? We know you’ll love it here. Call us at (201) 380-6149 to find out more or to schedule a tour today!